Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Costa Coffee

It is a good job I lost some weight before we came away. I found so much to try at breakfast. My trousers are definitely feeling a little tighter but I could be tempted by the array of Danish pastries tomorrow!

At ten o'clock precisely a man with a beam as wide as the Forth Bridge, bearing an On the Go card came through the door. Our eyes met and it was ......no, no that is the imagination taking over.  In truth, Costa was so helpful, explaining everything about the next stage of our journey.  Another couple were supposed to be there but they never arrived. Costa did his best to find them as they had checked in the previous night.  So, if you hear about a couple who cannot get on the Transiberian train because they do not have a ticket - it is NOT us!!

Kind Costa took us for a coffee and gave us some tips on getting around Moscow. Maybe he thought we needed a little extra guidance as he accompanied us to the centre of Moscow.  Then we were left to our own devices. 

We managed to cram in all the usual touristy spots such as St Basil's Cathedral and the Red Square. Sometimes I think we are really lucky because we arrive at certain places just as something special is happening. Today we saw horseback riders preparing for a military tattoo. It was amusing to see the Scottish pipers and dancers fronting the poster campaign.  That made us feel at home. 

 In another cathedral a male quartet sang a very moving religious piece. You could almost feel the floor tremble when the basso profundo (is that the correct term Matthew?) hit his lowest note. We were entertained by a very talented young orchestra and choir in the Gum store. They were celebrating their 120th anniversary. I tried to persuade Dave to buy me a little something from one of their exclusive shops. I settled for a Tiramisu, a Danish pastry and a cold bottle of water. See i could not even wait until tomorrow for the pastry.  The Changing of the Guard at the Eternal Flame added to our highlights as they strutted their stuff.  Dave managed to get that on video so he can practice the walk when we get home. 

We decided against visiting Lenin's tomb.  After all - if I want to see someone looking past their best, I only have to look in the mirror. 

So, did we have any low points today? Not really. We are loving it!! And feeling lucky now we have rubbed the dog's nose at the Partisan Metro station

Man of the Match today has to be Costa. 

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  1. What a fabulous time you seem to be having. I'm so pleased for you both. It's fantastic for us to keep up with your adventures. Keep the blog coming - it's a highlight of my day! We've just booked a trip to Valencia for Las Fallas for my birthday treat, and we'll be there for your birthday so we'll have a glass of sangria in your honour! Have fun, and lots of it xxx