Thursday, 29 August 2013

Listvyanka at Leisure

Nothing like a good night's sleep and a hearty breakfast to start the day.  Trousers really feeling the pinch now, so we went for a four hour stroll in a vain attempt to use up some calories. 

It was so hot here in Siberia.  I was so happy with my customised hat to keep the sun off my delicate skin.  Having very short legs, I had shortened the mosquito proof trousers. The cut off was exactly the same colour as my mosquito proof hat. Ta da!! One Tilley type hat at half the price. 

The locals are very industrious. We stopped by the local market.  I asked the owner for the price of a wooden comb( for my hair- ha ha).  We moved along and spotted the same comb.  I looked up.  The owner must have been a twin of the first guy.  On the third stall, I realised that this chap was not a triplet - it was the same man all along.  He owned all the stalls. 

Local builders were busy.  Health and safety regulations have not reached here yet.  That was evidenced as we watched a builder teeter around a tower.  No hard hat, no scaffolding.  Brave,  foolish or just out to earn his living.  The brickwork has little or no cement.  Could be a recipe for disaster in this climate. 

Had a brilliant Russian lesson from a most helpful lady in the supermarket.  She was excellent and so patient with us.if you ever visit, look for the second shop on the left as you.arrive from Irkutsk. 

When we got home, our landlady delivered the washing.  Lovely and clean but a little damp.  I festooned the picnic area while we ate our bread and cheese. Within ten minutes it was aired.  Good job too.  A group of bright, young people arrived on a tour.  I quickly gathered up my smalls and larges. 

What a great set of young people from all over the world.  They all took time to come and chat.  They even invited us to join their evening celebrations.  We declined.  We were young once!!

We spent the rest of the day relaxing and chatting.  We have grown quite fond of K and J now.  Our knowledge of life in Australia includes more than kangaroos, Sydney and Plane Man now.  

Another hearty and tasty meal then time for bed.  Wondered if the party goers would make it to bed - ha ha!  We really were you g once.  Night all x x

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