Monday, 19 August 2013

Time travellers

You thought we were travelling with Aeroflot.  So did we, until we arrived at Heathrow and noticed a familiar blue box waiting to whisk us away. Yes, it was the Tardis but I was very wary of our travelling companion!!  As we boarded, we were greeted by air hostesses in bright orange 'Thunderbirds are Go' outfits. Only those of a certain age will understand that illusion. 

It has been a while since we flew, so it was a surprise/shock to discover that we viewed the take off from the pilot's point of view. We couldn't resist pulling back on our joysticks to aid lift off.  

As for the inflight entertainment - well that has improved in massive leaps.  Please don't fall about laughing too much.  I did say we had not flown for quite some time.  I mean, you get your own screen now with so much choice that I spent half the flight choosing a film. I never got to the end, so I will have to come back next year. 

The landing was so smooth causing all the passengers to burst into spontaneous applause.  Or it could have been that they knew something we didn't ie it had been an emergency landing of which we were oblivious as we could not understand the captain's instructions.

Passport control and customs were completed with ease.  My imagination had contemplated being interrogated for several hours.  Instead, after looking briefly at my passport, we were given a migration card and a smile, then sent on our way. 

We had arrived!!

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