Friday, 23 August 2013

Nice Nonna

OK, have just finished my mains so while I wait and decide if I can be tempted by a  dessert, let me tell you about Nonna. That's what her name sounds like but she spells it Hohha!! We were met at the station by a lady holding our name card. She briskly walked ahead through the car park. Unbeknown to me, hubby was trying to guess which car would be hers. He had picked out a few classy ones but she just kept marching until she arrived at  a tiny vehicle. Now, we have packed quite conservatively but it was a bit of a heave ho, here we go to squeeze us in. The ensuing journey was a bit of a hair raiser.  Not our driver. She was fine if rather quiet. The rest of the city seed to be involved in a Grand Prix. Quite a culture shock after our sleepy town. Anyway, after weaving her way through a narrow path lined with cars, she pulled up beside a block of very rundown flats. But you should never judge a book by its cover. This cover was a metal door but its occupant is pure gold. We received the warmest welcome, with a torrent of Russian, a sincere smile and a genuine heart. 
Time for more wandering now. Will add more on our return. X x 

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