Friday, 23 August 2013

Treats on the train

With no wifi on board the train I resorted to the old pen and paper technique. After a day and a half of rambling, I had better be concise as some food is about to arrive and I AM HUNGRY. Can you imagine my delight to find I was sharing my compartment with not one but three males. And one of them was a real dish. He was calledi Misha. Misha and Tricia laying on the top bunks - a song in there somewhere. Oh, my food is here folks. Just take a look at the provodnistas. They took pity on the mad English woman. Just wait until you here my toilet tales - not for the squeamish. I will put a warning on that one. Seriously, the journey was great fun and our companions now have a greater grasp of the English language thanks to Pictionary and Charades. Tummy rumbling. Byee x 

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